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Challenger Lifts now available in Australia - AWM Editorial April 18   

MEDIA RELEASE 26 February 2018     


Workshop Manager Magazine Mar/April 18 Edition    


Challenger Lifts 'Take the Challenge': Challenger Lifts vehicle hoists now available from Logicar 


Challenger Lifts vehicle hoists are now available in Australia through Logicar, which is the sole Australian distributor for these industry-leading products out of the United States.

Logicar has been distributing hoists and workshop equipment into the Australian automotive industry for over 20 years and believes that the Challenger Lifts range is the best fit for the local market.

“After eight months of global product research and sending our team of hoist experts to America for technical, commercial and build quality assessment, it was clear that Challenger Lifts is a leading supplier of lifts in the American and Canadian markets,” Jeff Hooper, Chief Executive Officer, Logicar said.

“With a drive for innovation, Challenger Lifts has developed several technological advances over the other global suppliers we assessed to make its automotive lifts efficient, innovative, price competitive and environmentally friendly.

“At Logicar, we service every lift in the Australian marketplace and feel most qualified to make the best assessment of the unique requirements of our customers and we believe that the Challenger Lifts range will improve our offering to the local market.”

The Challenger Lift range available includes 2-post and 4-post lifts, scissor lifts, mobile lifting columns, inground lifts and portable solutions with an option for all types of workshops.

Available from Logicar is the Challenger SA10 2-Post Lift with a 4.53 tonne capacity which can be configured in either the symmetric or asymmetric position.  It features 3-stage front arms that provide maximum extension and retraction ensuring safe and reliable lifting on all vehicles within rated capacity.

With adjustable height and width options as standard, double telescoping screw pads, durable powder coat finish, plated arm restraints and pins, the SA10 can accommodate the rigorous demands of a full service facility.

Those workshops which service cars, SUVs and trucks will be interested in the LE10 2-Post Lift with Challenger’s innovative 3-stage front arms and 2-stage rear arms which give technicians the versatility to lift vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay.

Alternatively, the high quality 4P14 Surface Mounted 4-Post Lift with a 6.35 tonne capacity is loaded with features including louvered approach ramps, solid piece column construction, automotive wheel stops and the highest rise in the industry.

Challenger’s DX77 Scissor Hoist lifts vehicles with its synchronised hydraulic system, while its diamond plated flip-up approach ramps allows the platform to extend to accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles.

Heavy-duty Mobile Column Hoists are also available which can be operated on almost any solid surface and can accommodate multiple bays with one lift system. 

These mobile solutions cater for any rubber tired vehicle from small passenger cars to the largest two, three or four axle vehicles and are capable of lifting vehicles of any axle length or wheelbase.

For those workshops looking to maximise service space, Challenger’s heavy-duty Inground Hoists would be ideal, while the portable Short Rise and Mid Rise lifts are perfect for brake and tyre servicing needs.

Logicar provides a full hoist solution with servicing and installation available from its established national network.

For further information on the Challenger Lifts range of hoists, go to http://www.logicar.com.au/

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