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Challenger Lifts - Born in the USA - Raised in Australia.

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At Challenger, we’re not just lifting vehicles, we’re raising an entire industry. To meet the ever-advancing needs of our customers, we’ve remained dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing advanced technological auto lift products in the industry. With infallible dedication to innovation, we’ve made important technological advances, including our revolutionary Versymmetric® design and directSPOT™ technology.

Challenger's comprehensive line of automotive lifts represents decades of commitment to finding inspired lifting solutions. We aim to increase your shop’s efficiency, maintain safety and enhance your revenue potential. We strive daily for long-term customer satisfaction. Each of our lifts represents the pride and quality of a caring team of individuals, pulling together to manufacture and market the finest lifts in the world.  We are dedicated to adapting within a continuously changing industry and maintaining our quality and innovation as we move into the future.

Challenger handcrafts lift products to the highest standards in Louisville, Kentucky. We offer inspired service solutions that range in capacity from 6,000 lbs. to 148,000 lbs. We’ve also designed each with key productivity features to help you reach your full yield potential.


No two days in your shop are the same. At Challenger, we understand that your success depends on having the flexibility to safely and efficiently handle whatever comes through those doors. When you choose between an asymmetric-only or a symmetric-only lift, you limit your bay.

Asymmetric-only auto lifts have columns that are turned 30˚. They safely lift vehicles with a forward center of gravity, such as front-wheel-drive cars and light trucks.

Symmetric-only auto lifts have columns that face each other. They safely lift vehicles with a center of gravity more symmetrically positioned. These include full-size pickup trucks, vans as well as large SUVs.

These 2-post lifts force a service facility to decide what types of vehicles are serviced most, limiting productivity and revenue potential. Turning away business because you do not have the right post lift to service a specific vehicle is detrimental to a shop’s bottom line.

With Challenger’s Versymmetric® lift technology, however, you can effectively do both, maximizing your productivity. Established in 1992, Versymmetric® technology is responsible for the original two-in-one automotive lift. Versymmetric® lifts safely accommodate vehicles with either a symmetric or an asymmetric center of gravity using heavy-duty columns and arms. With a Versymmetric lift, your business can reach its full yield potential.

We offer our Versymmetric® lifts in several configurations to meet your shop’s specific needs. A drive-on pad option offers the quickest vehicle spotting for express bays. At only 2.25″ tall, the pad is also a great option for low-profile and exotic vehicles. Quick Cycle™ models can lift in just 27 seconds as well as lower in only 17 seconds. Even adjustable height and width options are available, making the CL10V3 the best choice for any service professional. Expand your service potential with our most versatile, easy-to-operate lift.


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