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Strut Spring Compressor Stand


The TradeQuip Strut Spring Compressor Stand has been specially designed jaws to adjust up-down for clamping the spring tightly, safely, and securely. Specifically designed for dismantling macpherson strut shock absorber assemblies fitted to passenger cars. The fast and safe compressing action is assured for most strut coil springs when used with the safety locking guard. This durable Hydraulic Spring Compressor Stand is the perfect solution for busy mechanical repair workshops. It supports a maximum load capacity of 1,000kg and can be easily set up in quick time. The compressor features strut spring yokes that adjust and secure the strut spring during operation. The upper yoke bracket slide provides multiple height adjustment with 7 height positions. The foot pedal operated hydraulic ram unit allows for a quick and easy release. This is the perfect piece of equipment to safely compress and remove strut coil springs for replacement or repair. This Strut Spring Compressor Stand is specifically designed to safely dismantle strut springs and strut assembly components and is adjustable to handle a wide variety of passenger vehicle strut spring sizes. (Is not suitable for some 4WD applications).

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