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65 Litre Oil Drainer - Self Evacuating


TradeQuip mobile waste oil drainers are designed to collect, store and carry waste oil and coolant from the service bay to bulk waste oil storage. Practical design including oversize drain bowls, sight gauges and integrated drain hose minimise the risk of operator exposure and spillage. Reservoirs are available in a range of convenient sizes and equipped for quick emptying with low pressure air. This 65Litre gravity fed waste portable oil drainer is fitted with a long 2m x 25.4mm discharge hose and has a 18 litre steel telescopic collection pan with an easy to read oil reservoir level indicator. The heavy duty castors make it easy to manoeuvre around the workshop via the chrome plated pull-along handle and discharge is by low air pressure care of the safety relief valve.

  • BrandTradequip

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